Monday, April 02, 2007

Wigged Out

Saturday evening saw the first airing of Series 3 of the new Dr. Who series. Welsh David had a "do" at his house, to celebrate with Lloyd, Stuart, Adrian and me. Basically we drank a lot of wine and ate alot of crisps, got quite pissed and made a nuisance of ourselves.

Lloyd left to go to Matinee, and Stu to meet Richard in town. David and I continued to drink and bullied Adrian into doing so too. We then headed to Wig Out at the Ghetto. David was the most hammered I have seen him in years and was hilariously talking loudly about gay sex and making us take eye exams using the adverts on the tube.

Wig Out was fun, and surprisingly non-sweaty. McShame, Leigh, Stuart and Jason joined us there. I met some interesting people, including Seb, whose parents live on the same street in Toronto as mine! SMALL WORLD.

David kept appearing with differently coloured alchopops every 10 minutes and disappearing down the loo every 5.

I started losing my voice so had to go earlier than I cared to, plus I was tired from the night before. I'm just not 23 anymore!


London Preppy said...

I'm sorry to say this, but can we all face the truth and admit that the new album is...well...a bit crap?

Little Miss Bitch said...

Dr. Who or Wig Out?

London Preppy said...

*looks embarrassed*

Hmmm...yes, so I left this in the wrong blog. Brett of course...