Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sugababes and Other Yummies

On Friday night Welsh David invited me, Sid and Dancing Chris to see the Sugababes at Wembly Arena. Stuart was also there with his work-colleagues.

Sid and I had to sit seperately from the others but we had a grand time by ourselves. The gig was really cool and laid back. The 'Babes (version 3.0) have amazing voices. I still miss Mutya, more than I thought was possible. Although Amelle is still super cool, she seemed absolutely startled at being on a large stage at Wembley. She did her vocal superbly.

I think the best part of the evening was when Keisha told the security guards to fuck off and leave their fans alone. Or maybe when Heidi didn't know what to say to the audience.Ok, that wasn't the best bit. I thought they performed "Stronger" amazingly, although the sudden images of starving Africans was whole unnecessary and distracting.

And thanks to the miracle of video recorders on mobile phone and Youtube we can see a clip of it here:

I also very much enjoyed "Run For Cover", "Easy", "Push The Button" and "Too Lost In You." Also their Look At My Hits t-shirts were fun, even if they did remind me of the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go video by Wham!

It was a totally relaxed, fun, sing-a-long event with 3 extremely talented women. I hope they can replicate their success on their next album.

Here's "Too Lost In You"

Click Here for more clips.

After the gig we all hooked up again and rode the train all the way to Old Street, got some chips and went to Trafik on Hoxton Square for Stuart's amazing DJ Debut. We were in the basement and it was hot. It was full of heterosexuals and that frightened us some but we presevered.

Stuart was a bit of a natural, to be honest.Hardly made a mistake. He did a pop-indie-rocky set that at times challenged the silly hetero people but we boogied away and everyone was having a great time. GO STUART.

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