Friday, January 19, 2007

Sun, Wind and A lot of Carbs

That pretty much sums up my week here in Bahia Blanca.

Last weekend was terribly windy and dusty. It´s dry in these parts! I´ve drunk so much mate that I am amazed I haven´t turned green. Also I have eaten pizza 4 times, pàsta, salads, pastries, biscuits, cakes...the food here is so delicious I may just stay because the 1000 pounds I am going to gain will prevent me from boarding the plane back to London.

I´ve gone clubbing, played pool, swam in a pool (and a paddling one too!) and shopped so much I am also going to have to buy a new suitcase. The shoes here are of great quality and also super cheap. All the summer clothes are on sale and they are cheap and well made.

I also left my nan´s after two nights. I stayed with my Auntie Maride and now I am staying with my Uncle.

Very early on Monday I am catching a coach to San Martin de Los Andes to visit my cousin and meet her husband. She is also 4 months pregnant so I am going to rub her belly for luck. I am looking forward to it as it is supposedly stunningly beautiful full of lakes and mountains.

After that I will visit my godmother in Miramar, which is by the sea and I hope to enjoy a few days on the beach and catching up with some of her 7 children!

Now I must go because my nan needs to measure me for she insists on knitting me a jumper before I go.

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