Tuesday, January 23, 2007

San Martin de Los Andes

I am in the Andes!! It´s gorgeous and it´s cold.

It was 40C in Bahia on Sunday. We went to Monte Hermoso, the beach nearby. It was fantastic but so hot I was actually hiding under the parasols most of the afternoon. The water was nice and refreshing and we had maté, cakes and sandwiches.

I collected lots of seashells and just enjoyed being with my cousins and the extended family (their other cousins and aunt, and uncles and friends)

We arrived back in Bahia at 10pm and at 3am I caught the coach to San Martin. It was a cushy double decker with plush, reclining chairs. It was fucking freezing inside and I spent 7 of the 16 hour journey sat next to a fat, smelly teenager who had no concept of personal space.

Still once we passed the city of Neuquen it was a pleasant jouney as the Andes became visible, and we started climbing. My ears popped with the altitude. We went from Desert to Temperate slowly and beautifully,

San Martin is a town built on the shores of a large lake that is nestled in the Mountains. It´s beautiful, it looks like a small Swiss town. The building are wood, stone and brick. IT´s full of cute little shops of local chocolate, jewelery and other handmade decorations and keepsakes.

I must go but know I am having a wonderful time and I am taking LOADS of pictures!

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