Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Next Step

The boyfriend and I have decided to get a flat together at the end of July (when I have to be out of my current place)

It's not as scary a decision as I thought it would be once the time came. It just feels like natural progression. There was no agonising or much thinking needed, it's how things have flowed and the ease of it all has surprised me.

I look forward to living in a home with a living room for the first time in 4 years and having a bathroom in the same time zone.

The tricky part is deciding WHERE to look for a flat as I am partial to North London, and he to (meh!) South London. We both seem to like East London so I may end up back in my old Borough of Bethnal Green.


Alberto said...

hy, i was on // and I clicked on following blog button, and there is you.
you cool!

X said...

I'm glad it's going well for you! :)