Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Started Something And Now I'm Not So Sure II

I started my Legal Secretary Diploma course last night and so far I am not at all impressed.

The teacher arrived 25 minutes late. Considering this is an evening class it came off rather badly with my classmate. Many of them had trains to catch, and families to get home to. The class finished at 9:15. Considering that most of us worked all day, too, we were pretty pissed off.

The teacher wasn't very engaging either. She read from her notes and said "um" a lot. She was a nice lady but she lacked charisma and confidence.

I also had concentration problems and I had horrible flashbacks to being in school and feeling so frustrated and bored I wanted to scream. After an hour I gave up, it was too much for my attention span.

She also asked us to read for 10 minutes 3 times, which is also boring and I think a waste of time. If I wanted that I would have signed up for the distance learning course.

Now I am thinking of switching to the Distance Learning course. I don't think I can do this for 12 weeks. I thought it would be more engaging in class and it would help me focus but instead it stressed me out. I left the house at 7:55am to get to work and didn't get home until 10pm. The only nice part of the day was meeting Welsh David for lunch in Kensington. I was crazy cranky when I got home.

What to do? Hmph.

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