Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Round-Up

Christmas Eve was the usual chaos of cleaning, cooking and mom having spazes about the cleaning and cooking. Dad tried to subtly slip about the house trying to hide and wrap all the things he purchased at the last minute.

The guests arrived for dinner at 7. Some friends of my parents from Argentina, and their teenage soon. We ate a lot and they reminised about the Argentina of the 50s-70s.

Thingy called from Oz and it was nice and weird all at once. At least it saved me from further conversation with our guests.

Midnight finally approached. Dad filled the champagne flutes with Martini Asti and mom and filled bowls with turron Espanol. We toasted the beginning of Christmas Day, wished each other Merry Christmas and then opened all the presents.

I got:

1. Pair of Spongebob Squarepants PJs with matching socks and lip balm
2. Pair of Hello Kitty PJs and nearly matching socks (the PJs are blue, the socks pink)
3. An LL Bean Healthy Bag (a hanfbag that's good for your back)
4. A picture frame
5. An Ipod Nano in blue (I named it Smurf)
6. Money. Sadly in dollars not pounds.

Much fun was had when I presented myself in the spongebob PJs (once the guests had left) and dad decided to film and photograph me then- not when I was wearning my nice jumper or shirt.

Christmas day we all woke up late. We lounged. Then we went for the Annual Christmas Cinema trip and watched Volver, which was very good and now I envy Penelope Cruz.

We then went for dinner at my parents' friends' house in Vaughn (north of Toronto near Wonderland) and we ate more and chatted and drunk things. The food was very good but I was feeling restless and I was glad when we left shortly after 9.

Jo and I then played with my Ipod and then I went back to my room.

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