Friday, September 08, 2006

OMG- I did this as a joke with one of my workmates and I accidentally sent it! Ashley is my manager.

I managed to do a successful recall; which was in a way disappointing because I am spoiling for a fight today and I won’t be here next week anyway.


From: Little Miss Bitch
Sent: 08 September 2006 15:14
To: BXXXXX, Ashley
Subject: RE: Phone list

Why don’t you do it yourself then.


From: BXXXXXX, Ashley
Sent: 06 September 2006 18:29
To: Little Miss Bitch
Subject: RE: Phone list

Hi Val

I had a look at the internal telephone directory.

Can you standardise on all the details: for instance in the Extension list, some numbers are prefixed 'ex' 'ext' or nothing - just take all the prefixes out; Alison's surname is not in bold but her direct number is; some mobile phone numbers are centred, others not; Tessa's mobile number is in a different font; Rachael's (mis-spelt) email address shows recruitment; Hilary's email is still sfladmin etc.


1. Can you revise the list with columns in the following order: Name, Job Title (ask HR for their accurate titles, e.g. Kevin is shown just as 'Standards Qualifications'), Email Address, Extension, Direct Number, Mobile No.

2. Check the recent staff update for new recruits - Chris X and Angela X are not listed.

3. Check all the details contained, update mobile phone numbers etc (ask Finance for a copy of the current phone bill for this).

Then return it to me for final checking (and rename the file).

Let me know if you want to discuss.



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