Monday, June 19, 2006

Vamos, Vamos ARGENTINA

Argentina 6-0 Serbia Montenegro Poor the Serbia-Montenegro! So much for the best defensive record of the 32 competing nations..

Unbelievable. Perhaps one of the greatest games of football every televised.
It was a glorious sunny and hot day here in London. I took the day off to watch the match and I am so glad I did! I went to watch the game on the Yacht Club. I say ON because it's a BOAT, which made me a bit sick; but that is where the Argentineans had the party.

It was wonderful. I am never watching another Argentina match without these guys. It was a very different experience than watching it in an English pub. Firstly, everyone stood up when the National Anthem was played. People were not interested in getting drunk. People respected each other's space. There wasn't an idiot giving his ignorant commentary of the match. There were no racist jibes against the Serbs or Montenegrans (although there were jibes.) When a goal was scored everyone jumped up and started singing and dancing. At the end of the match suddenly all the chairs disappeared and everyone started dancing with joy, it was like Mardi Gras.

Afterwards the younger people in the group went out changing down the Embankment in a glory of white and blue...

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