Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It looks like I haven't been posting but I have.

The post dated the 16th of Feb only went on yesterday. I had started it on the 16th and seems to have kept that date once I posted it.

But there are other things to tell.

-On Friday I went to see the venue for Andreea and Adam's wedding reception at the St. Bride's Institute. I like it but I think Adam's mum was a little displeased.

-On Saturday I went with Andreea to visit the hairstylist near her home for a consultation for wedding hair. It was a little weird, and they seemed to be acting like they were doing us a favour so I don't think she's going to go ahead with them. *Anddree's wedding is 6 months away

-Manchester United. UGH. They are depressing me. Out of the FA cup after they played like a bunch of little girls, and with Smith out with a broken leg and dislocated ankle. (And to the Liverpool fans out there: Crouch is still a fucking minger.)

-It was Steve Watson's birthday do on Saturday so I went to his and Nick's place for a little party, after which we went to the peerless Unskinny Bop. We danced, we sweated, we drank too much. As is to be expected, Richard ended up a lump in the middle of the dance floor. Well done him.

-I am looking forward to the end of the Olympics. I want my life back. The BBC2 coverage is shit. Unless, like me, you have Sky and can access BBC2 Interactive. Then they have 3 channels of coverage and I keep flipping through it and being caught up in things like Snowboarding, speedskate, hockey, bobsleigh and my favourite- figure skating.

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