Thursday, February 16, 2006

Birthday and Dancing-
Belated Post Which I had Started Writing A Week Ago!

I got home on Friday (10th) in a bit a mood. I had a headache and felt grumpy.

I was opening my post in the kitchen when I heard Freddie and Toni walk in, and swear "Shit, she's home" "This is your fault!". It was pretty obvious they were up to something.

I heard Freddie run into Toni's room as Toni ushered me upstairs.

I continued to open my post. There was a lovely card from my parents and one from Posh...the dog. Also...a bloody Jury Summons. *SIGH*

I heard unintelligeble shouting from downstairs, which I knew meant that I could go down.

The girls had dimmed the light, set out a crumble with tea lights, a present and a bottle of Cava. The sang me happy birthday and we opened the "bubbly." The gave me a lava lamp in blue and silver to match my room.

It certainly lifted my spirits (although it made me late for my own party.)

Also, Freddie made us late because as we were walking out the door-at last- she felt she needed another gallon of hair-spray on her head.

The Lincoln Lounge was absolutely rammed when we got there. There were 4 other birthdays going on, and I felt slightly unspecial. I got over it though. At least one of the other birthday's was Nisanne's so we celebrated with a shot of tequila. The Nature crew where there as expected, including Lvpl St David who was on his 4th pint when I got there.

Richard and Stuart were already there. I got some lovely gifts and caught up with people.

Afterwards we went to popstarz, and met were joined my other people.The Rubbish Room was horribly hot, but the indie room was fine. I think my favourite momemt of the night was when Ralph fell of the stage. He looked very confused rather than hurt, and then couldn't stop laughing.

We danced our little hearts out, and I ended up with very sore feet. Welsh David and I called it quits not too late(shortly after 3am) because we wanted to save what little energy we hadn't spent for Trade the following night....


Trade was awesome. It wasn't rammed, but it was pretty full. It felt like Old Skool trade because Steve Thomas played and he was magnificent.

It was really good to catch up with the Trade Babies, and I knew more people than I thought I would. There was a very familial and happy element to the night.

I did need to pee a lot during the first few hours, which was irritating. Eventually, though, I got in my stride and I danced for about 5 hours straight. I think that it was the quickest Trade had ever gone for me, which was a bit horrific when it seemed to have ended abruptly around 2pm. I was actually there for about 7 hours.

We didn't feel like going home so we hoped into Khalid's car and went for a chill out at Nan's place in Belzine Park. We were joined by a few of his mates. Nan is from Thailand and he brought us some Thai trousers to wear, which were dead comfortable.

We played music, chatted and got a bit more wasted. It was wet and dreary out but we were warm and happy. We stayed until about 7:30 and then we called it quits, having had a lovely day.

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