Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mum's, Whales, Tate Modern and the Bop

Saturday was a glorious day and the first time I've been in direct sunlight in nearly a month. I decided to walk all the way to the Tesco up Stroud Green, which is a delightful walk, 20 minutes each way.

My mom rang me in the afternoon to ask me if I was on the telly. You wot? Apparently CNN were showing live footage of the Whale who was trapped in the Thames, and many people were lining the banks (don't you people have lives? Honestly, that poor creature surely didn't need an audience.)

After my late lunch and some housework, I went to Tate Modern to meet up with Simon B, his mother and auntie Laura. I walked from St. Paul's and over the bridge. It was just uplighting crossing the river on a sunny day.

We had drinks in the cafe on the ground floor. Simon's mum, Brida, is an ENT specialist so we had a good chat about my ear and I felt much more reassured about my upcoming operation.

It was Brida's birthday, and she proceeded to drink quite a bit, so we rather had to cart her over the bridge later on but it was good fun. To be honest, I had a little bit too much and was running late for pre-Unskinny Bop drinks at Stuart's.

Eventually I got there. Richard and Hyper Chris where there alright. Welsh David joined us a bit later. We listened to Madonna, Girls Aloud and an indie dance compilation. We also met Malcolm, Stuart's new dlame, whom we decided to keep because he is ever so lovely.

The Bop was amazingly fun and sweaty. They played Madonna about 5 times ,which kept David happy, and the crowd was laid back but up-for-it. We did drink quite a bit as well. The played MIA and "My Humps" back to back, which nearly killed us all though. American/Irish Chris also came with his new boy (but I can't remember his name.)

All too soon it was over, with a Like a Prayer Sing A-Long, some guy came and joined me and david for it and we gave him a hug before running away.

Richard and I walked towards Bethnal Green station to get our night bus. For some reason, which I cannot remember, he ended up rolling around on the High Road singing "Hung Up." We then rang David and screamed it at him down the phone.

When we got the bus stop, we noticed that there was a cheap motel, which also seemed to serve fast food and alcohol (?.) The door was locked but there was a receiver, and Richard picked it up. He told them that he and his "wife" had reservations, and gave-and spelt out-my name to the guy at the front desk. The receptionist said they were full. I think he was lying and I can't blame him.

The bus came and we got on. A few punk-type people got on the bus after us. As Richard got up to get off, his jeans had fallen nearly to his knees. He got a nice cheer and wolf-whistles. I shouted at him to pull his trousers up, and he said "I know. Sorry." Matter-of-factly.

I continued home, and went to bed satisfied that I'd had a fun and productive Saturday.

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