Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blush Blush Blush

Ok, so today I fainted on the Underground. I actually, fucking, fainted like a muppet.

I am at home now.

I was on the Piccadilly line, as I am most mornings, on the way to Holborn. I was feeling unusually hot even on the platform at Holloway Road. I didn't board the first two trains that came by as they were a bit too full.

The cyatitis was playing up and I was busting for the toilet; I was in agony. I started over-heating properly when loads of people got on at King's Cross. I started losing feeling in all 4 limbs, and I was concentrating very hard on my breathing. I was unable to support my own body weight properly. I started to get tunnel vision, and feeling sick.

The doors opened at Russell Square and I just stumbled out to get some air but collapsed in a heap instead. UGH. It's so embarrassing.

I think I was only out for about 15-30 seconds. I fell in the recovery position so didn't hurt myself. There were all these people around me, asking me if I was ok. I couldn't speak, I was hyper-ventilating. Someone said they pressed the Emergency Help button. A woman was stroking my hair, and a man (ish, he looked young!) was there saying he was a Doctor and how did I feel?

Then two Underground Staff guys came and cleared the area. They told me to lie there as long as I needed to. When I sat up it was 8:30, when I should have arrived at work.

They escorted me up to the supervisors room. I was shivering, I couldn't stop feeling cold. They gave me water and sat me next to a heater. Sylveter, the man that walked me to the office, rang my office and explained what happened.

The staff told me to stay as long as I needed. Initially I expected to go back to work, but I was shivering away and feeling ill. I realised it was stupid. I rang my GPs and made an emergency appointment. Then I rang Freddie, and she came to fetch me and took me back home.

While I waited for her I chatted to the lift engineer, who was very friendly, and the supervisor. I drank LOADS of water. The CCTV monitors are kept in the office, so I could watch everyone coming and going. Let me tell you, they've got a very good, colour view of all parts of the station. I saw my friend Bryan get off a train. I texted him and he was on his way to course.

Freddie brought me home in one piece. I then went to the surgery. The doctor explained that both over-heating and infections cause blood pressure to fall, which causes fainting. Given that my blood pressure is a bit low to begin with, I really didn't stand a chance. She tested my pee-pee and then prescribed me a course of antibiotics. I also had a low fever. She told me to go home and take it easy for the rest of the day.

So here I am. Still shaking. I did eat but I can't stop shivering. I am drinking a nice cup of camomille and spiced apple tea.

Hopefully I will be able to go work tomorrow, and most important, go to Chris B and Annika's joint birthday party!

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