Monday, November 05, 2007

Bonfires for Jack-o-Lanterns

Halloween was pretty much a non-event.

I didn't even manage to make the pumpkin pie I was planning as I ended up meeting up with Andreea for a creamed tea.

I did see people who were dressed up and on their way to Halloween parties but I felt sad that I was one of them.

Halloween is probably the time when I miss Canada the most, it is always so much fun!

Instead, I am going to a Bonfire Night fireworks display tonight down in Surrey Quays with Tim. He was adamant that he must attend as "it's tradition." Well, it is to him, to be it's odd although I do enjoy the show!

Fireworks have been exploding around us constantly for weeks now and the air is filled with the smell of them. Yesterday we took a walk over and along the river to Thamesmead. On the way the evidence of used fireworks presented itself the forms of burnt out grass and pieces of charred cardboard littering the occasional patch of the paths.

Thankfully the anti-Catholic connotations are long gone so I won't be blown up by association. Still, I miss candy corn, trick or treating and the general spookiness of All Hallows Eve.

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Helena said...

Trick or Treat is huge now in Britain.

Even with my kids being too old for it now, I still decorate the hall and front door and pop a pumpkin in the hanging basket for the local kids - of which I am still one of!!