Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Excuse Me, Have You Seen Summer?

Summer seems to have ended before it even started.

The last few days have been cold and drizzly. Soho Pride on Sunday was a bit of a washout but that didn't stop us for going out for a couple of hours. We stood in the alley between Rupert and Wardour Streets with a bottle of wine and a spliff.

Tim and I also hit the shops on Saturday. Shopping for Tim was less traumatic this time and he managed to get some good bargains. We rewarded ourselves with pub, chinese and the cinema. We went to West India Quays Cineworld to catch The Simpson's Movie. We pigged out with a slush puppy and a bag of sweets.

You'll have to excuse my lack of posting. We still don't have internet at home but apparenly it will be up and running on Friday.

We are slowly getting all the bits and pieces together for the flat. We now have a cutlary tray and a toilet brush! We are still missing vital things like a new book shelf and we think we need a new mattress.

All this feels extremely domestic. I even found myself sewing his button back on to his workshirt.

Remember the good old days when my posts were about going clubbing and getting wrecked? *sigh*

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