Monday, July 09, 2007


Currently life has turned into hunting.

I don't mean with guns, arrows or- god forbid-hounds. We need a new flat and we need it by the end of month. We are both also looking for full-time permanent work.

It's a trial trying to find somewhere decent to live in that we can afford and that we both agree on. We did see two flats that we loved but they were just in the wrong part of town. One was in Chiswick and a beautiful location but it was the back of beyond, too far from public transport. There wasn't even a nightbus within a 10 minute walk.

The other one was in what Tim described as "South Central LA" or rather Bromley-by-Bow in an ex-council flat where we feared for our lives. We were reassured that it was now very safe in the block since the police had started patrolling the stairwells. I kid you not.

Tonight the search continues. It feels like it is taking over all our spare time. On Saturday, instead of going to Richmond Park we ended up flat viewing in East London. On Friday we were 3 hours late for the pub because we were in Chiswick. I missed out on study time because I went to view a flat in West Hampstead.

Part of me felt like saying "We'll take it" at each flat (except for the Bow one!) because I just wanted to get it done and over with!! I don't know how flat huting mananges to be both boring and frustrating at the same time.


X said...

I feel your pain! I was just househunting in Alberta... I did manage to find a place, but it took a lot of scary viewings. 'Oh don't mind the door, it just got kicked down in a police raid... we're having it fixed.'

Little Miss Bitch said...

Lol! Are you serious? I am glad you found somewhere at least. Seriously, Tim is going to have a coronary and he's threatening to move out of London. It's such a joke.

X said...

Yes. Police raid. It is a true story! You too will find something; it just takes a hell of a lot of patience.