Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On Saturday McShame, Stuart and I helped Welsh David move.

David, of course, had to live on the top floor of a block with no lift in it. I have pulled a muscle on my right leg. Although it was hard work it was also quite fun even though McShame couldn't go up and down the stairs because of his "gammy" leg. He did bring a small 6" lamp down to the van thus talking the Gayer Award of the Day.

Also, we formed a band. I will play the organ, Chris the tamborine and Stuart the bongo drums...or was that the other way around?

David went off to his new place were other people were helping him unload so the rest of us went for some snacks at a pub(somewhere in Borough.) We played a bit of jenga and we had our food with a plastic shark.

Later that day I met with Stuart (again!) and Richard for drinks at the Ben Crouch and then dinner at Cafe Emm, where we sat by the window and judged people that walked past. Incidentally, their stuffed peppers are gorgeous! We did giggle a lot during dinner and it was great to catch up with the guys as I hadn't seen them since before Toronto.

We then went to Trash Palace as we couldn't think of anywhere else to go on a Saturday night in London (surely...surely...there must be more to do!!) I chatted with the lovely Alex for a bit, and then ran into Goosey Lucy- or rather she bumped into Richard who then threw a magnificent hissy fit thus stealing McShame's Gayer of the Day Award.

We were then joined by Lloyd and Gabriel for a little while, and Hyper Dancing Chris. Then we got fed up with Trash Palace and went home rather early.

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