Monday, October 09, 2006

From: Chris McShame
Sent: 09 October 2006 10:03
To: Little Miss Bitch
Subject: RE: UGH

hahaha you just like switched in like 2 mins! we got into ghetto alright and you said you were goign to the toilet so me and jason went to the bar and then that 118yr old came over and we were chating and the next thing i know tom's come over and was like "i think you should go look after val" and i was like "shes fine..she just went to the toilet. she'll be back in a second" and he was like "er..chris..shes collapsed in the hallway" so me and will went to find you and sure enough you were just a TOTAL WRECK all slumped over !! hahaha bless you. think it was the combo of cider, vodka, white wine and tequila you were drinkgin?!?!?! ahahah. ive got some fab photos i must upload tongiht.
i got quite messy too . was a fun night!!!

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