Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Stolen from traxis


Name: Little Miss Bitch, obviously
Birthplace: Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Current Location: Work, The City, London
Heritage: Basque, Spanish, Italian and Scouse...
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Length: Long
Height: 5'5"
Figure: Slim
Righty or Lefty: Very Lefty
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Introvert or extrovert: I go both ways


Clothing: Varied. Funky, rock-chick, girlie, elegant, sloppy, casual depending...
Hair: Either down, or pulled up.
Music: Indie, house, pop
Makeup: lipgloss, eyeliner, blush or none at all
Body Art: Hrm? Like a tattoo?
Car: the Piccadilly Line
Decor: Ikea !

Right Now

Current mood: bored
Current music: none, at work.
Current taste: of what? I just had some Cheerios
Current hair: down and (naturally) straight
Current clothes: gray a-line skirt, white, fitted blouse with silver threading and flat pointy shoes.
Current annoyance: The other people in my office; my slightly sprained right ankle
Current longing: to be sat outside in the sun
Current desktop picture: The 2006 Argentinean World Cup Squad
Current likes: World Cup Madness, long summer days, my newly tidied room
Current dislikes: being skint, work, the German football team
Current favorite article of clothing: This dress:

Current favorite place to be: Any park in the sun, with a book.
Current time you wake up in the morning: 7:30!!!
Current favorite word: Bothered!

What are you...

Thinking of: the upcoming weekend (football, Europride, Trade)
Feeling: tired
Remembering: that I forgot to take the gear out of my handbag last night after a visit with the supplier.
Doing: suppossedly logging the post at work...
Planning: To party long and hard this weekend.

What were you doing

1 hour ago: sorting the post
1 day ago: sorting the post
1 week ago: sorting the post
1 month ago: I think it was a bank holiday so partying
1 year ago: Working....uh..probably partying as per usual
5 years ago: living in Bethnal Green, working at the hospital um...partying
10 years ago: Just freshly graduated high school, working at Cafe Margit, hanging out in Ottawa with the gang, planning my first trip to London

Your favourite

Music: Indie, pop, dance
Cartoon: Simpsons
Font: Verdana
Colour: blue
Song: "One" by U2 (I know, I know)
Flavour: Chocolate
Scent: Jasmine
Magazine: Scarlett
TV Show: Desperate Housewives, Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Horizon
Book: erm...The Little Prince or Ishmael, or ....
Movie: soo many...
Language: English, Spanish
Food: chocolate, cheese, poutine, crackers
Beverage: hot chocolate!
Fruit: banana
Vegetable: Aubergine
Season: Summer
Subject in School: Lunch
Weekend Activity: dancing
Ice Cream Flavour: Dulce de Leche as available in Argentina, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough by Ben&Jerry's


Cola or Other: I don't drink pop
Coke or Pepsi: Coke, but I don't drink pop anymore
Fried, Scrambled, or Poached: scrambled on a fresh sesame seed bagel!
Pancakes or Waffles: Pancakes
Dogs or Cats: Why not both?
Coffee or Tea: Both
Iced or Hot: BOTH
Looking out the window or into the room: Window
One Pillow or Two: Two, one to lie on, one to cover your head with.
Chocolate or Vanilla: both!
High Achiever or Easy-Going: Easy-going
Single or Taken: single
Pen or Pencil: I really don't care
Gloves or Mittens: gloves
Planned or Spontaneous: spontaneous
Food or Candy: Foodcandy!
Matches or a Lighter: lighter
Typed or Handwritten: typIt depends, business typed, personal handwritten
Walk or Run: Run, you freakin' slow pokes, run. That's why I want to scream in the morning on the way to work
Elevator or Stairs: Escalators!
Walk or Drive: Walk
Facing into the restaurant or away from the other people: Away from the common cretens.
Eating alone, with one friend, or with lots of friends: with one friend
Home or "Out": home
Alone, with one friend, or with a group?: All of the above

Do you...

Have any tattoos (where?): No, and I didn't think I wanted one until Andreea's fiancee made a joke last week...but it gave me an idea but can I stand the pain?
Have any piercings (where?): ears, tongue and labret.
Have any scars: Yes, too many to go through here.
Get along with your parents?: Yes, it's amazing with 3000 miles does for a relationship.
Get motion sickness: yes
Think you're a health nut: I would be if it weren't for my sweet tooth
Type with your fingers on the right keys: Nope, but I still manage 55 wpm
Play an instrument: no
Play an instrument well: no
Sleep with a stuffed animal: Yes, Teddy. The cat tries to sleep in my room, but she annoys me to much so I kick her out when i go to sleep.
Have a significant other: teeheeheeeeee
Have a dream that keeps coming back: I have a nightmare of someone breaking in and trying to kill me often
Believe there is life on other planets: Sure but probably fungus or something equally uninteresting.
Read the newspaper: Yes, Metro (free underground paper) and The Guardian online.
Read the comics: Yes
Read the sports pages: Just the football
Check the weather forecast: Obsessively. And it's never right. Stupid Beeb.
Go to restaurants alone: occassionally at lunch time.
Consider yourself tolerant of others: No way.
Like the taste of alcohol:As long as it's not beer or anything aniseed.
Drink: yes
Smoke: only a spliff occasionally
Swear: yes
Sing: yes
Sing in public: No, as it falls under "cruel and unusual punishment"
Sing in the shower: no
Laugh: No. (of course I do, what retarded question is this?)
Joke: Yes, but no one gets it. Apparently my sense of humour is too Canadian for thE Brits.
Read: Yes but I rarely finish a book.
Exercise: Gym twice a week, walking daily, and dancing
Diet: diets are for whimps.
Cook: yes when I'm not feeling lazy/
Believe in astrology: No
Read your horoscope: Yes
Believe in magic: no...
Believe in miracles: no
Go to church: no
Have any secrets: not really
Have any pets: Chicho, a cat
Have any children: no
Have any brothers or sisters: Yes, younger sister thing Jo
Work: Unfortunately.
Have a university/college degree (or go to or plan to go to university/college): No. I started one but didn't finish.
Chat to strangers who instant message you: no
Talk to strangers on the bus: No. I frequently take the N29 aka the window-licker express.
Wear hats: when it's cold
Like yourself: I go through phases...
Wish on stars: Yes
Like your handwriting: no
Trust others easily: no
Like puns: sometimes.
Have a good sense of humour: Yes. I am a fucking hoot.
Take walks in the rain: Not on purpose

Do you prefer

Traveling: I don't travel well. I hate being in confined spaces where I can't move around and surrounded by annoying people.
Staying home or Going out: a balance of both is essential for a happy life.
Cooking or Eating out: see above
Entertaining at home: No. I hate it. It stresses me out and i can't relax. Plus we don't have a living room.
Large parties: I like them, as long as there is room to stand comfortably.
Small parties where you know everyone: Yes
Quiet evenings with a few friends: Yes
Being alone: Yes

Leisure Time: Do you like to...

Read: yes, but I seldom do these days
Go out, anywhere! : Yes
Go dancing: As much as possible
See a show: Erm depends. Plays tend to bore me and musicals are expensive
Rent a video: I never flippin' do; no time, too much tv.
Listen to music: yes
Go for a walk: yes
Watch television: It's my best friend.
Surf the web: It's ruining my life.
Chat with friends online: Yes, but I currently have it turned off because it's so distracting.
Meet people for coffee and conversation: Andreea and I do coffee once a week if we can
Go to a party: yes
Stay home: Yes

Creative outlets: Do you...

Paint or draw: no
Sculpt, do pottery, no
Build scale models: I'm not anorak!
Collect... (what?): dust, receipts, plastic bag...all unintentionally, of course
Write (what?): not really, do blogging and long emails counts?
Compose music: no
Choreograph dances: no
Dance: yeah, baby!
Develop software: Do I look like a geek?
Meditate: LoL
Daydream: Incessantly.
Take photographs: Yes, but for posteratiy not to be creative.

Have you ever...?

Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No
Thought about eating an entire box of Oreos: No
Baked a cake: Yes
Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for a group: Yes, and it was all vegan and everyone loved it!
Eaten sushi: I have some packed for lunch- all veggie of course.
Been on stage: Yes
Gone skating: yes
Made homemade cookies: yes
Gone skinny dipping: no
Dyed your hair: yes, black, plum, blue, green, purple...
Broken a bone: no
Been hospitalized overnight: Yes, it sucks mega.
Had your name appear in the newspaper: Yes
Published a story, poem, novel...: No
Played a game that required removal of clothing: and the donning of costumes? Er, can't say I have
Gotten drunk or extremely intoxicated: You make it sound like it's an unusual occurrance instead of the norm? Have you been to England?
Been arrested: Yes (but not charged!)
Changed your name: NEVER. I am not property, my name is my own.
Changed your "look": Yes
Changed who you were to fit in: When I was younger. Couldn't give a shit now.
Traveled outside the country: Yes, considering I wasn't born here. Argentina, Canada, UK, USA, Cuba, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain and France.

Memories - The Past

Last Thing You Bought: sushi, a tin of chopped tomatoes, stain remover, eggs and washing liquid for dark clothes (worried about my skinny black jeans)
Last Interesting Thing You Did: Went to see the Scissor Sisters at a secret Popstarz gig and got to meet Ana Matronic!
Last Interesting Thing You Heard: The Big Brother evictee this week is actually going into a SECRET house next door with 5 new housemates. HOW COOL is that?
Last Interesting Thing You Said: I don't think I am able to be the judge of that?
Last Interesting Thing You Saw: Zidane's goal last night. Cunt. I wanted Spain to win.
Last Thing You Touched: the keyboard. DUH.
Last Thing You Had To Eat: Cheerios
Last Thing You Had To Drink: hot chocolate
Last Thing You Watched On TV: BBC Breakfast show
Last Book You Read: Currently attemptign to read The Abomination by Paul Golding.
Last Music You Listened To: BK: Collaborations
Last Movie You Saw: Some rubbish TV film that had Lynette from Desperate Housewives as a photographer accussed of taking indecent pictures of children
Last Movie You Saw On The Big Screen:
Last Person You Called On The Phone: My manager to say I was going to be late
Last Person You Talked To Online: Kevin from Admin, we bitch about work.
Last Person You Emailed:Nadia in a def department, re. football (notice a pattern?)
Last Time You Cried: I think on Saturday because I was PMSing.
Last Time You Smiled: This morning at people coming into work. I didn't mean it, it's just my job.
Last Time You Laughed: About half an hour ago when one of th girls at work had to borrow my paper to know her stars.
Last Person You Hugged: Tim
Last Person You Kissed: Um, I think it was Stuart

The Future

Where do you see yourself in five years?: Probably still living in hovel in London, but at the current rate of climate change, it should be like living in a hovel in the Med!
Describe your Dream Career: Lottery winner.
What do you want to be when you grow up?: Lottery winner
What country would you most like to visit?: Italy
Where are you going to live?: London or Buenos Aires


How many rings until you answer the phone?: at least 1
What's on your mouse pad?: A calendar
Do you like thunderstorms?: They're pretty cool unless they interfere with my tv
Do you like snow?: HATE IT
How many houses have you lived in?: I'm not even going to bother counting but prob more than 10
How many schools have you gone to?: Too many for my taste
Do you like to drive?: Yes
What colour is your bedroom carpet?: yucky brown
If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take one thing (not person) with you what would you take? : underwear
What was the best time of your life so far?: Probably Trade.

What is...

The last thought you go to sleep with: *rolling eyes*
Your first waking thoughts: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not another day!"
The first feature you notice in someone you just met: how they present themselves (clothes, smile, shoes)
Your best physical feature: Nice hair.
Your greatest fear: death of loved ones
Your biggest weakness: impulsivity
Your strongest attribute: erm nice hair?
Your greatest accomplishment: moving to London, getting a British passport
Your most cherished memory: um, can't think of just one, there are many nice ones.


I Hurt: people who are slower than me. God, I HATE slowness
I Love: sleeping
I Hate: bible thumpers of any denomination, mornings, carrots
I Fear: Republicans
I Hope: to win the lottery
I Feel: sleep deprived
I LIsten: to music?
I Hide: my mess under the bed and in the wardrobe
I Play: with my rabbit
I Miss: many people, CD:UK, Popworld with Simon and Miquita, Steps
I Learned: that it's not me, its THEM...
I Know: a good bagel when I have one
I Wait: very little.
I Need: to sort out the post really. It was due 90 minutes ago.
I Want: happiness.

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