Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's the World Coming To?

Now I know this may sound slightly hypocritical coming from the queen of typos; but I do this for free on my spare time. I hate proof reading. My brain works 10 times faster than my hands or mouth so I make frequent typing/gramatical errors.

What excuse does The Guardian newspaper have? It's one of the most respected papers in the country. It has an expensive team of editors. So how come on the cover of today's paper does this come up:

Troop Pull Out from Iraq to be Speeded Up That's right. Speeded. On the front cover of a national newspaper. In case English isn't your first tongue, it should be SPED.

There's no hope for this language.

Apparently Speeded does exist, it's just not commonly used in the UK. *blush*

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