Friday, April 28, 2006

Sorry for the lack of posting.

I have actually been trying to do the work thing! Go me.

I had a lovely weekend last week.

It involved Vanessa, a fair bit of Scousers and a lot of drinking.

I hadn't any plans on Friday but I was having trouble getting home because there were problems on the tube. I gave up and went to sit in Tavistock Square to eat some sushi (under a statue of Ghandi, next to a tree planted my Mr Ali, former Bangladeshi Mayor of the London Borought of Camden. Truly London is wonderful.)

Vanessa rang asking if I wanted to go for a drink at the Lincoln Lounge as Mike, her boyfriend, works around the corner.

So we went and as it was a lovely, mild evening we sat outside on a SOFA. It was great. Alisdair, Helen and later Nik showed up, too. I got quite drunk.

I got home around 12:30 and decided that descaling the kettle and making pouting was in order.


Saturday was a gorgeous, nearly hot day. There was only one thing for it, going to the Heath but I knew I had a party that night, and before that the FA Cup semi-final. What to wear? I decided to go in party clothes but take a change of shoes.

So I sunbathed for the first time in over 6 months and concluded that black skinny jeans are one of the dumbest things to wear for the activity.

Also the pair of comfortable-trekking-through-the-woodland-shoes broke and I had to put on the party shoes: pointy kitten heals. Ouch. It then transpired that the party I was going to that night was, in fact, on the following Saturday.

So I showed up to the pub in Queen's Park to meet up with Nik and his mates to watch the FA Cup semi over-dressed, with sore feet and very warm. I looked fabulous though. The important thing is that Chelsea lost (against Liverpool, whom Nik et Al were supporting.)

The pub was lovely, there were seats for everyone and there were lots of people there. The atmosphere was festive, the food cheap and the cheering extremely loud when Liverpool scored.

We then went to another pub in Kensal Green. It was kitstch but again we were blessed by the Sofa Fairy. We drank a lot of wine, philosophised and then stumbled home.


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