Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back to Reality

I am back at work now, which so far has been ok but that's because my manager is once again ill and no one has left me any handover notes. In fact, the password to my computer was changed. No one bothered to leave it for me, but the IT guy did think to EMAIL it me. USELESS.

I went to the hospital on Tuesday to have the packing in my ear removed. The Doctor said it was healing well. It will be two months before they can really tell. The inside is still swollen and raw. Food still tastes slightly metallic.

Cholesteatoma is tricky to remove so I will have an exploratory surgery in a year's time to see if it was truly successful.

My long weekend was all over the place.

I met up with Tim on Friday night just for some food (Won Kei) an coffee (Amalfi). He's just back from his travels in the States, and is staying in London for a month or two before he flies off to Australia and New Zealand. It was lovely to catch up, and he looks very well.

On Saturday I went Wedding Dress Shopping with Andreea. We finally found my Maid of Honour Dress at Coast and a dress for one of Andreea's nieces. The Bride herself is still looking for her Registry Office dress.

We had a late lunch at John Lewis (BAD service in their restaurant!) and later coffee at Coffee Republic.

I went to Ben's afterward but it was all quite strange. It's too complicated to get into in here. Suffice to say he's been partying too much and was being no fun. He's trying to sort himself out now. We'll have to see what happends next.

On the way home on Sunday I met up with Khalid for a quick coffee. I was bouncing off the walls a bit though but we had a nice time. He then went on to DTPM. I was well jealous of all my mates who were going out! Some to Ray of Light (Popstarz fundraiser), some to Horse Meets Disco, others to DT.

But now I turn my sites to this weekend and hope to start partying again after a month of sitting around at home. YAY!

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