Saturday, January 14, 2006

Work Are Assholes

On returning to work yesterday, I was informed by- the exasperated- HR lady that Horse-Face has decided to have me referred to Occupational Health to assess my ability to do my job due to my "sickness absence."

She said that I don't have to go if I don't want to, but if I doesn't I could face disciplinary action. Basically meaning, I have to go.

I said I'd be happy to go because the Director will end up looking like a fool and that I'd be happy to disclose my medical records if they wanted that to.

The HR lady said that when the Director received my sickness records from them she thought they'd made a mistake because I'd missed 5 days in October (Horse-Face herself had sent me home because I was mess!!)and one full day this month. The rest had been a handful of times I left early/came in later due to Doctor appointments, which were agree with my manager (who is still on sick leave herself.)

I told the HR lady I was feeling singled out considering the sickness absence of several staff members are much higher than mine. I also explained that no one had bothered to even open the post while I was away and that I was being singled out because the company doesn't have a back-up plan in case of my absence. I miss one day, and people panicked because they didn't know how to order paper or who to call to repair the lights in the ladies toilet.

I told her that I wouldn't have fainted and missed the whole day if they hadn't told me off for going to the RNTNE hospital last week. I didn't want to take any more time off so left my infection untreated and tried natural remedies instead. The result was me making a spectacle of myself on the platform of Russell Square station.

The HR Lady just seemed fed up and said she couldn't wait to go on maternity leave. She said that Horse-Face loved "managing" absenteeism, and she didn't care anymore what horse-face wanted.

So, yeah, really looking forward to my appraisal on Monday.
(Does the phrase constructive dismissal mean anything to anyone?)

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