Sunday, January 15, 2006


Here are pics from Friday's outing to our favourite pub, the Lincoln Lounge.

The place was rammed, and the music was fantastic. Lvpl St David was absolutely hammered by the time I got there (about 8:20pm!) and continued to get utterly wasted with joy and gusto. Not far behind was Nick, but he was in denial and insisted he was perfectly sober.

In fact, I was-bitterly- the only sober person there (thanks to the antibiotics)and was feeling grumpy as a result. Also, they make me rather tired and depressed.

Vanessa brought her childhood friend Sally, who was visiting from Cardiff. Richard and I really hit it off with her and look forward to meeting her again.

We ended up in the Corsica Studios in a rough part of Elephant and Castle, for Chris B and Annika's joint birth party. They highered out the venue, had the decks set up and visual effects going.

Still, it wasn't working for me. It was very cold, and there was some crap DJ on the decks who was refusing to get off when asked to. He was killing the atmosphere. I hid in an armchair for warmth and watched the people some drunk, some high, and some sober. Even so, we didn't leave until around 2am. Richard apparently continued to party until mid-morning. Good on him.

On Saturday I gymed. Later on I went to the Escape Bar to meet up with Stuart. Andreas was celebrating his birthday, but Stuart and I were too distraught by the cheesy campness of it ("This place makes ME feel butch" said Stuart!) and ran away to Trash Palace for some indie fodder. It was great to catch up with Stuart, as we hadn't seen each other in over a month. He's now a magistrate, and also studying for his masters. The boy knows how to keep busy!

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